Addressing Deliq Finance

Dear Polkastarter Team,

Could you please comment current Deliq Finance situation? It seems to be scam. Github and Medium were never updated after IDO, their page is dead, their blog is linked to some chinese page, Twitter is dead, their telegram became some game-advertising platform.

Somehow I feel you know its a scam but you prefer to not take any action. Please elaborate

Hello Michal,

Welcome again. Thanks for being an active member of our Forum!

At Polkastarter, we make decisions about launching projects based on their long-term potential and utility; we believe that the team and talent behind the project are among the most important factors for success. However, success is not guaranteed.

We do not decide the fate of the project. Even though we are in close communication and always advise the projects in favour of our community, we are not responsible for the project’s future decisions and direction. This is outside of our scope of operation.

Deliq is not among our best-performing projects, and we do not force an opposing narrative. Not all projects are successful; that is the nature of startups and crypto. However, not every underperforming project is a scam.

I must remind you that we do not give financial advice. Everyone deciding to back the project depends on their own will and risk; it all comes down to relying on your own research. I would like to point out again: not all projects tend to succeed. Therefore, backing a project is always a (calculated) risk.

Dear Karo,

I am sorry for late reply, somehow I missed this message.

Regarding Deliq - its not under performing project, its scam/cashgrab or call it whatever you want but not under performing project which you know its not.

I am not expecting financial advice of course, I am expecting taking steps when you see a fraud. Warning users it the least you could do.

Hi Michał,

I’m sorry for the delayed reply. We have launched community protection guidelines to improve the security of our community. We are aware that some mechanisms did not work in the case of Deliq, and we are giving our best never to select a similarly performing project again; that’s why now every project needs to acknowledge and sign the protection policy.

Protection policy doc for reference: Polkastarter IDO Launch Guidelines and Community Protection