IDO directly from smart contract


Since I remember there were always smaller or bigger lags and network issues during IDOs. There was literaly always someone complaining about it on Telegram. I know you took some steps to ensure it wont happen again but I would like to propose other solution.

Would you consider adding some instructions regarding participation directly from Smart Contract, ommiting your UI? It already happens and there is quite a lot of bots participating so I think that spreading the knowledge about that could only be helpful. Obviously its not desired solution but that might be a workaround for someone facing network issues on your website. Smart ones already are doing it.

Best regards,

Hi Michał,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Our Product team is working hard in the background to ensure that everything works well for the next sale conducted on Polkastarter.

While participating directly from the smart contract is possible, we do not support it. To execute such a transaction correctly, it requires a firm level of Smart Contract understanding. Promoting such a solution would likely run some of our users into trouble. We, in fact, experienced an example of it in the past and therefore decided to stick to the UI solution.