Improving Polkastarter's community protection

Hi Miguel, first of all I would like to say that it is a great idea to start a forum where we (community) can communicate with the team. the point behind a launchpad is that the project gets liquidity ahead of time in order to push it forward and adhere to the roadmap. if we freeze the capital until the milestone is reached, the idea of ​​a launchpad loses meaning. we can all deal with the project in advance and read through the white paper and thus decide whether the project has potential. I think we would only lose projects that have great potential. Now for a few ideas that could drive us forward: how about we increase the POLS power for hodlers after a certain time of staking? so we would not pay out staking rewards directly, but offer a higher chance for loyal hodlers. this is how Raydium does it, for example. Also, I have another idea what we could do to take advantage of the current bearmarket . since nobody wants to launch their project right now, there is hardly anything going on on the launchpads. how about if we were to focus on NFT projects right now? move2earn is trending right now and everyone wants to have an NFT of one of these projects. We have already taken the first step with Defy, but there are other great M2E projects to come, such as AMAZY, which are developing a really good project.

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