Improving Polkastarter's community protection

At least 5 known launchpads implemented users protection recently.
Today the question is not “if” but “when & which” rules you will implement.
Investors can now choose choose a place, where they’re feeling safer
Glad to see POLS looking for feedback in that matter.

Below you can find commonly used rules, addressing the common problems:

  1. Minimum LP (200-400k, based on amount of funds raised) - to stabilize price.
  2. Minimum LP lockup (9/12m/full vesting) - to prevent stealing LP.
  3. 100% tokens to launchpad before launch - to protect vesting schedule changes.
  4. Synchronous distribution - to avoid receiving tokens later than others.
  5. Money release per vesting by launchpad - to protect user funds.
  6. Short time before IDO and listing (21-31 days) - to avoid having users liquidity locked.
  7. Price maintaining (2 vestings / 41-50%).
  8. Full refund in bad cases ex. LP added incorrectly, bots on launch, team selling out of vesting, rug pulls.
  9. Team, Dev, Advisors, Marketing lockups.
  10. Limits of raised funds (ex. $1M, max 5 launchpads)
  11. Maximum difference between private and IDO price (5x) - to prevent private buyers having too large advantage vs risk.