Improving project selection and community involvement

Hi everyone!

I’m João Leite, Head of Research at Polkastarter. I’m very excited to open this discussion around project selection which is a critical part of what we do. We have received over 3000 applications; even with our team’s experience and extensive research, there is a lot of room to improve.

What do you think we can improve and implement?

  • Gather community feedback on specific projects in the pipeline to decentralize our decision-making.
  • Have a more open and transparent research process?
  • Establish a checklist of core values the community would like us to pay more attention to during the selection process?
  • We want to focus on educating our community about project fundamentals, enabling users to better judge potential risks and rewards. What do you think would be the best way to achieve this?
  • How can we involve the community to directly help projects build their product from an early stage?
  • Conduct monthly/quarterly polls to sound out the community’s interest in the type of project that they are keen to participate in? (For example: Infrastructure, Metaverse/GameFi/SocialFi, DeFi, NFTs, etc…)
  • Conduct polls to decide on valuation and vesting schedules?

Our biggest value is the community we are proud to have, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas so we can improve and involve you in this process.

Thank you for all the support!


hola!.. me gustaría saber, cuando comenzara el proyecto DEFY ?

I would love for the process to be transparent (on the bigger projects) to show us why they’ve impressed you, how did the conversation go, how many meetings you’ve had and how was the progress of the project through the meetings, basically #educating the investors on why you’ve made that choice and telling us the story of that choice.


Like @vaidab, I would love to understand more about why Polkastarter is looking at a specific project or sector. Having more insight into the research that Polkastarter is doing will add value.

Good thorough research is gold in this space and I think if holders get access to the research Polkaster is doing it will be a big draw card. I am not just talking about the research that the team is doing on specific projects, I am talking about the bigger picture, what kind of projects the team is looking and why they looking at those types of projects.

I think as investors we always looking to identify the next big wave and if being part of Polkastarter helps with that I think people will see it as more than just another launch pad, stick around and hodl.

I also think the amount of POLS tokens and the amount of time the tokens have been held should count for more than it currently is.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Transparency is definitely important for us and we are going to start to share more information about our process and our decisions.

Do you think is important to explain all the interactions we have with each project and not only the main reasons? How do you think this information should be shared? Maybe through a research report?

One of our main missions is to educate our community. We have been pushing a lot of educational content in our blog and we are going to extend that to market and project research reports.

Besides sharing our research and knowledge, I believe the best way we identify the next big wave and trends is if we all exchange ideas and opinions. We will release some new ways to interact with our community, this forum is a good start.

We are going to release new rewards and incentives for POLS holders very soon, but let me know if you have any ideas, we can always explore them.

Thanks for your suggestions and participation!

Or maybe you can provide a kind of checklist for the members (not part of the Decision Committee) on how you rate each project to be approved. 5 star for each category maybe - just my two cents.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

We don’t use a rating system internally because usually is hard to quantify in numbers a particular section we analyze (for example: product). What we can do is publish a report and explain our analysis in each section of a project (team, product, tokenomics, competition, business model, etc…)