Partnership with BINANCE

POLS & BINANCE already partners and it will be great if you talk with them about launching next BINANCE IEO on POLS as IDO( some % like 10% )
It will be game changer for polkastarter community as well as BINANCE can pursue that they support Defi fundraising as well…

It’s possible that pols team sold to polygon because most recent IDO’s are all about matic chain. Idk it’s just a guess. But if pols team can do something about it then it will be much better.

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Hi @moon

Thanks for your input on this subject.

We have a good relationship with Binance and always try to make sure they learn about the projects launching with us.

Regarding Matic, Polkastarter is not Polygon exclusive; we are, in fact, multichain. Every project decides individually about the chain or chains they want to use. Currently, it’s possible to raise funds on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche. We plan to integrate even more chains in the future.