Please improve the website tech

Hi Guys, as you may have noticed, there were lot of issues with website today and many of us could not buy DEFY tokens.

It looks like website cannot handle the load when 2k+ people land of site. I hope you guys improve the tech and look into hosting with top companies like AWS, where you can also rent extra servers when high load is expected.

Also, i noticed 2k wallets cleared KYC and were allowed to participate in sale, where as only 810 people could buy. I am not sure why you need to allow 2k people for FCFS where only 810 can buy?

Does Polkastarter has any plans to offer guaranteed allocation to whitelisted wallets or it will always be FCFS?

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Hi itsray, thank you for your message!

You are right by pointing out recent website speed issues. We were expecting less traffic and also got some unexpected bugs on the API side that snowballed into a bad experience on the DEFY ido. We identified the problem and believe it’s solved.

About the unusual amount of KYCed wallets, we based that decision on recent IDO behavior and were confident with that assessment. It turned out to be wrong and we are decreasing that ratio on the next IDOs.

We are also working on offering guaranteed allocation to selected users.

Hi @mikegameiro,

What do you mean saying “We were expecting less traffic”. Arent you hosting on cloud and using auto scaling…?