Polkastarter 2022 Highlights

What a year 2022 has been for Polkastarter :tada: :raised_hands:

Through ups and downs, bumps in the road, and unforeseen challenges, we managed to stay the course and get sh*t done! How did we do that? With your support, help and push. Let’s quickly look back at what you propelled us to achieve:

  • $POLS got listed on Kraken, which means we’re now listed in all of the top #3 exchanges: Binance, Coinbase and Kraken
  • We hit +400K monthly platform visits
  • +100 Web3 projects advised
  • Partnered with Poolside Accelerator to empower Web3 founders to build, launch and scale their projects through a 12-week acceleration program.
  • Created the Poolside Hub in Lisbon — a 12,000 square feet space with 5 coworking rooms, 3 event spaces, 2 restaurant areas and 2 terraces where the Web3 community can connect and launch ideas.
  • Pumped out a steady stream of content to keep the community both engaged and informed with 115 articles published
  • We hosted 25 podcast episodes featuring some of the most intriguing, influential and knowledgeable people in the Web3 space (you can binge-listen to the episodes on the Spotify Poolside channel during the holidays)
  • The Polkastarter Gaming website went live to serve a community that’s passionate and thirsty for good quality content around Web3 gaming.
  • Polkastarter Gaming launched the inaugural GAM3 Awards to recognise the best Web3 games across 16 categories. Spoiler alert: with +200K votes and +220K views, the event was a massive success, and we’ll be doing it every year.
  • Watch our 2022 in Review video here: Polkastarter: 2022 in Review - YouTube

If there’s one thing we can say about 2022 is, thank you. Thank you to everyone who became a part of the journey, and thanks to everyone who has worked to make that long list possible. Watch out, 2023 :smiling_imp: We’re coming back strong, full of energy, ideas and motivation to make the 2022 achievement list look like a post-it note.

That’s all, folks! Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy New Year! If you want to share, we’re curious to know what you’d be reading/learning about during the Christmas break. Leave a comment below.