Say hello to Poolside Web3 Accelerator!

Our partnership with the Poolside Accelerator is official — Poolside Web3 accelerator is a 12-week hybrid program designed to help founders build a business from their Web3 ideas/MVP. Accelerator participants will get access to up to $100,000 initial funding and access to follow-on capital, live sessions with top mentors, weekly events with fellow companies, access to our network of Web3 partners and a lot more perks and benefits.

Hold $POLS is not just about participating in IDOs.

You hold $POLS because you are PART of our vision and mission.

You want $POLS because you want to be part of a community of entrepreneurs, builders, and investors of the future of Web3.

You hold $POLS because you believe in what we’re doing with the launchpad, the accelerators, the hubs, and the events.

And there are more for $POLS holders coming, including:

  • Governance (vote for accelerator projects roadmap decision, for example)

  • Seed and private sales (get access to early-stage sales)

  • Access the hubs

  • Exclusive invites to meetups and other events

  • And much more.

In the end, $POLS is an ecosystem, and with the four verticals launch… There will be unlimited opportunities for $POLS holders.

We want to thank you for the long-lasting backing and contribution to all of our initiatives and projects along the way and we look forward to your continued support for this one. Spread the word and amplify the message so that web3 ideas can find their way into the market.

If you’re a web3 team with an MVP, feel free to apply. As far as industries go, we’re industry agnostic, and welcome everyone from blockchain gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Social, Entertainment, Privacy, NFT technology, and more.

Learn more:

If you have more questions regarding the Accelerator, leave them below and join João and Edward on Twitter Space this Thursday at 3 PM UTC and get all the juicy details!

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