Staking % benefits

Dear team,
First of all thanks for the work you’ve been doing on Polkastarter.
I’d like to understand, specially during a bear market with few projects being launched if you think other staking benefits such a APY.
It could be even progressive staking % where long holders have increased APY in order. Or rewards would increase the longer you wait to be allowlisted so it would incentive more people to join Polka.

Is there something on the pipeline?

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hey @Camargous

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Polkastarter Forum!

We are indeed preparing the staking program, but not in the structure you proposed. As mentioned in the Up Next article, POLS Staking v2.0 gives more POLS Power and increases your chances of lottery success. There will be multiple layers to this.

This quote comes from the Up Next Blog we shared: Up Next on Polkastarter

The idea behind introducing staking is to offer users more opportunities to participate in IDOs/NFT sales, boosting users’ chances for participation through staking. Regarding the APY, receiving the rewards in POLS tokens was never considered.

The POLS token’s main utility is allowing its holders to join project sales. We plan to grant NFTs for the specific actions that will enable additional POLS Power boosts. Overall, increasing the winning chances is our direction with our benefit programs.