Status of unfulfilled promises


I want to ask about status of all your promises and plans that went wrong or were never realised.

  • When can we expect IDO staking and why is it taking so long? It was promised more than a year ago and its riddiculous its not live yet.
  • When can we expect IDO statistics page promised months ago? Its even simpler than staking and I simply cant believe its taking that long. UNBELIEVABLE
  • What steps did you take to ensure community protection? There is basacily no information about taken steps after empty words that you will improve it.
  • You promised season 2 of LP rewards which never happened. Daniel said there are plans to rewards long term liquidity providers which also never happened. Any further plan for it?

Hi LabuzMichal,

Thank you for your message.

IDO Staking: the smart contract audit is completed and frontend / backend are finished, but we recently identified a small problem with the smart contract and had to make changes. Rest assured it’s still on the roadmap and will be launched asap.

IDO Statistics: can you elaborate, please?

Community protection: we are launching our updated guidelines over the next few days.

Rewards for LPs: right now we don’t have any plans to reward long-term liquidity providers. But your suggestion is dully noted and personally, I believe we can find some interesting dynamics with LPs once we launch gamification, which is also on our roadmap.

Regarding IDO statistics

I dont think I can elaborate more than that

@mikegameiro you know its quite disrespectful you are not answering here for more than a week, right ?

Hi Labuz,

First of all, let me tell you that it is tremendously unfair for you to mention disrespect when you have a founder replying directly to your feedback. On Polkastarter and on these forums you have something that 99% of the companies don’t give you, so please be mindful of this and understand that yes, sometimes the answers will take longer because we have 1,000 things to do on a daily basis.

As for your feedback:

IDO transparency: this feature is completed, but not released. We are working on other improvements that will come first and then release it.

Public profile: we are working on the UX / UI for this as we speak. We expect to launch this early 2023

Pols Staking: the new smart contract is ready, we are just preparing a strategy for transition. It’s a sensitive topic and we want to make sure we increase our staking numbers.

Thank you!


thank you for your answer and clarification about IDO statistics!

Regarding your feelings about unfairness. Did you read that after you wrote it? You guys created this forum for USERS, you encouraged us to use it and you are repeating times after times on Twitter how much user oriented you are. Yet you dont answer here, you hardly ever answered on Canny, you dont answer on Twitter as well. Thats unfair, not reminding you that created this for a reason.

Best regards,

I’m here and I’m answering you Michal. And making sure our promises are delivered. Any other questions let me know.



Hi @mikegameiro,

Did you already launch your updated guideline for community protection? Somehow I missed it.

What about IDO staking? Its been some time since your reply. Could you share some update?

Best regards,

Hi Michał,

The guidelines were published at the end of August. You can find them at Polkastarter IDO Launch Guidelines and Community Protection.

IDO staking is still in progress, along with the other updates in the Polkastarter and Polkastarter Gaming ecosystem. We will be releasing the news gradually this and next year.

Great, thank you for update

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