What can I do after staking POLS, do I get access to raise funds and presales?

What can I do after staking POLS, do I get access to raise funds and presales?

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Hi @isaacb, welcome to our Forum. :blush:

To briefly answer your question, staking POLS allows you to successfully apply to participate in the project token sales on our website, polkastarter.com.

​To apply for fundraising, you must send your project details with our governance form.

​To elaborate a bit, as you probably know, Polkastarter is a leading decentralized fundraising platform allowing you to participate early in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales and gaming projects.

To be eligible to participate in the sales on our, you need to buy $POLS. The more tokens you stake or hold, the higher your chances of winning the allowlist spot in the lottery. You can check the approximate winning percentage on the Dashboard.

​Staking gives you instant eligibility to apply for new projects, which is an advantage over holding your tokens, which only allows you to be selected after full seven days of holding POLS in your wallet.

To stake POLS, simply go to the Dashboard and find the staking tab on the right-hand side. Next, you must complete two transactions: contract authorization and the actual staking.

To learn more, check our complete Polkastarter guide, which includes an IDO step-by-step article: Your Complete Polkastarter Guide.

​If you are interested in applying for fundraising, I encourage you to check our Launch page and have a read of the selection process article on our Blog.

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Thanks so much appreciate.
please how can i do my kyc

You only need to do KYC after you are selected for the project, so the first step is to apply on our website when the application is open for the project.

After the application period closes, you can check your application status on the Dashboard. If ‘preselected’, you will be asked to complete KYC, either with the email from the project or starting directly from your Dashboard, when your application status shows ‘KYC open’.
​You can check the application status explanation here: Where to check my Application Status - Polkastarter Knowledge Base.

You need to complete KYC for every project for which you are selected. The project conducts the process in cooperation with the KYC provider, typically Synaps or Fractal. Polkastarter is not in charge of KYC.

To learn more, you can check our KYC article: KYC for Polkastarter IDOs - Polkastarter Knowledge Base.

​I hope that clarifies the process for you a bit.

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Thank you for your response