Why We’re Launching Wombat

Hey everyone, say hello to Wombat!

When we welcome a new project to the Polkastarter family, you can rest assured it’s something powered by an exhaustive due diligence process, leaving no stone unturned in terms of the project’s background. What’s the project we’re proud to welcome on board? Wombat!

To put it in a nutshell, Wombat is the equivalent of Steam for web3 gaming, a platform where users can play games and NFT publishers can find a home for their creations. Wombat allows gamers to monetize playing time and achievements, transforming NFT ownership into a social experience that can be shared amongst peers and friends.

Why the excitement on our part?! Here are some facts to make you gasp!

  • 2.6M signups
  • ~65K daily active users
  • Revenue of $3M
  • 1.2M NFTs minted on the platform
  • Partnership with 20 gaming studios and 40+ AAA/AA games (e.g. Splinterlands, Upland, Plarium, IGG, Wargaming)

Numbers never lie and as you can see, Wombat’s potential has no ceiling. What we see is a project that can easily become a key player in the third generation of the internet, helping with the migration of traditional games, publishers, and users to web3. What should you expect to see?

  • an end-to-end blockchain wallet app
  • the first-ever gaming rewards system, which distributes NFTs to players for playing traditional AA and AAA mobile and desktop games
  • infrastructure to assist traditional game publishers and developers to incorporate NFTs into their games
  • a free SDK for NFTs that makes it easy to add an NFT layer or bring NFTs into the game economy

What we like about Wombat

A project with a strong base and an even stronger roadmap

The Wombat app went live on app stores in 2019. The application currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Wax, EOS, and Telos. Integrations with Solana, Bitcoin Lightning Network, and Avalanche are expected to be completed over the next 12 months. Moreover, partnerships with 20 gaming studios, 40+ games (examples include: World of Tanks, Lords mobile, RAID) are what have made Wombat build so much momentum!

Last but not least, let’s not forget that the entire Wombat ecosystem will move from a web-first to an app-first customer flow by Q2/Q3 of 2022.

Wombat token — your ticket to exclusive features and content

The $WOMBAT token is primarily a utility token. Staking tokens will grant you access to NFT drops, discounts, and exclusive contests — the sky’s the limit! Being a token holder, you’ll also get governance rights for certain strategic decisions. FDV stands at $60M.

Strong founding team and a proven development team

If there’s one thing that makes Wombat stand out from other projects is the experience, skills and credibility of the team behind it.

Adrian Krion (Co-Founder and CEO) previously designed and led the development of commodity trading systems and arbitrage systems for Deutsche Börse. Swen Hallasch (Co-Founder and CFO) has extensive experience in Finance, Consulting and Investment Management. With 25 mathematicians and engineers experienced in web3, programming, cloud, game design, marketing, and business development, this is a group of people that live and breathe, user-centric design and next-level gaming experiences.

Wombat on Polkastarter

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