Why We're Launching DEFY

Hey everyone, let’s welcome DEFY to the Polkastarter family!

DEFY is a play-and-earn, NFT mobile game built on the Polygon Layer 2 platform that allows players (operatives) to enter a metaverse that threads the line between physical and digital. The game fuses hyper casual code-breaking gameplay, with real-world exploration and Augmented Reality (AR) adventures.

Now that you know what DEFY is all about, let us tell you why we’re excited:

An experienced team

The DEFY team has a proven track record of working on web2 apps that amassed over 700K users. They’re taking that knowledge, experience, and skill and bringing it over to web3.

The backing and belief from investors

DEFY has already raised $US3.5m in funding from Tier 1 game investors such as Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, Polygon Studios, and others. Sure, cash flow is where things start and finish for companies, but DEFY’s financial backing has a lot more depth and meaning. Some of the brightest minds in the industry believe in this project and are not afraid to invest and see it flourish.

An engaged gaming community

The core problems for almost all web3 projects is adoption and engagement. How do you get people to not only try a new game but keep them interested enough to keep playing? Maybe these numbers can help you contextualize DEFY’s success.

  • The Genesis NFT Mint Phase 2 sold out in 13 minutes
  • DEFY already boasts 9,600 players in closed Alpha
  • The average DEFY player spends 1 hour per day hacking his surroundings. This level of player retention can be directly compared to Niantic’s internationally renowned title, Pokemon GO

First-mover advantage

Being the first to do something does not guarantee success, but it does give you an advantage and head start over the competition. DEFY is the first play-and-earn, location-based game in the blockchain. The game is a pioneering, original idea with real-world exploration and plans for AR implementation showcased in its early MVP.

Relentless innovation

While being the first would lead many to slow down and rest on their laurels, DEFY is stepping on the gas, determined to create something unique. DEFY offers players decals (digital stickers that can be printed onto Virtual Private Masks to customize a player’s avatar further) to customize their NFTs, possibly the first of its type across NFT game projects. To give an idea, the rarest group of decals, ‘Mythic,’ sold out in less than 30 seconds.

Creating a multi-layered plot

The DEFY team believes in creating a rich gameplay experience based on a multi-year narrative arc. To achieve the goal of real immersion in the game, you need to be able to create a story that has depth, history, and future. An example of their commitment to a good storyline, DEFY has launched its own web series on YouTube.

DEFY on Polkastarter