Polkastarter’s 2023 Progress Update: Launchpad, Acceleration, Hub, and Gaming

:loudspeaker: Polkastarter’s 2023 Progress Update: Launchpad, Acceleration, Hub, and Gaming :rocket:

Despite the challenging market conditions, 2023 has been highly productive for Polkastarter. We’re expanding our operations with new services, showing dedication to the Web3 industry. Your unwavering support is our driving force.

Get ready to dive into the details of our achievements across our four business units: Launchpad, Acceleration, Hub, and Gaming. These units are crucial for the growth of our $POLS ecosystem.

:rocket: Launchpad: Despite the bear market, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the future. We have promising projects ready to launch, but we’re waiting for optimal market conditions. We focus on building strong products and communities for long-term success over chasing short-term hype. We’re actively researching and supporting DeFi, infrastructure, and gaming projects. Stay tuned for exciting features like a new profile system, updated KYC process, earning section, engaging quests, and more!

:sparkles: Acceleration: Our independent business unit called Poolside runs our acceleration pillar. We’re proud to have started our first cohort in April 2023, featuring four unique projects with great potential. Our Poolside Web3 Accelerator nurtures and mentors the next generation of projects in the POLS ecosystem. We’re contributing to the growth of the industry and becoming stakeholders at an earlier stage.

:tent: Hub: We’ve launched Poolside Lisbon, a groundbreaking Web3 hub, to foster innovation in the Web3 space. Located in Lisbon’s Web3 district, our hub serves as a vibrant meeting point and co-working space for like-minded individuals and organizations. Since our opening event in April, we’ve welcomed over 5,000 Web3 builders. Collaborating with renowned brands, we organize insightful talks and get-togethers to support and incentivize Web3 builders. Join us in creating an environment where innovation thrives!

:video_game: Gaming: Our gaming division has made huge progress with the launch of GAM3 Quests. Captivating quests have been introduced for our partner games, generating an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community. Polkastarter Gaming now collaborates with every significant Web3 game. Let the numbers do the talking:

  • Quests started: 34,443
  • Unique gamers: 10,891
  • Missions done: 190,123
  • In-game missions done: 7,179
  • Quests finished: 12,127
  • SBT’s claimed: 10,057
  • NFTs claimed: 2,149

These numbers prove the outstanding adoption and success of our gaming initiatives. We’re dedicated to delivering an immersive and rewarding gaming experience for our community. Through collaborations with our partners, we’re thrilled to enrich the gaming ecosystem.

:pray: Thank you for your incredible support and trust in Polkastarter. We’re dedicated to innovation and community-centric growth across our Launchpad, Acceleration, Hub, and Gaming pillars. Rest assured, we’ll keep working hard to provide exceptional services and products that empower our community and drive Web3 innovation.

:link: Read the full article at Polkastarter’s 2023 Progress Update: Launchpad, Acceleration, Hub, and Gaming.

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